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2 of 3. Organizational Culture, burnout...

2 of 3.  Organizational Culture, burnout, and performance metrics – Creating a More Long-Term Effective Culture

In part two of this series, we discuss shifting to a culture which is goal-oriented, long-term focused, and work-life-balanced. Employees in all sectors, but especially the societal improvement space are often overwhelmed by large goals. They are under-resourced and are burning out. In this three-part blog series, we discuss the issues and how to begin […]

Finding the Creative Flow

Finding the Creative Flow

If you’re in this world, you are undeniably navigating or prepping for change, and that takes creativity.  We are in the era of globalization, big data, and converging technologies  (have you seen Shift Happens?) .  So, if you’re managing your career, and/or your family, or a program or product, or a company, congratulations, you’re channeling […]

Considering Small Businesses and (Women’

Considering Small Businesses and (Women’s) Economic Empowerment

Women’s economic empowerment through starting small businesses, sometimes referred to MSMEs, is one of the big trends in international development and community development work, and there are many interesting discussions in the social entrepreneurship, or triple-bottom-line-thinking movement (people, planet, profit) which combines business growth and social goals. Community development projects focused on economic empowerment and […]